0123 Portland by Minto Communities

123 Portland is the sum of its compelling components. An ineffable culmination of location, artistry and philosophy, at once reflecting and refracting the beating heart of Toronto’s storied King West.

ONE, An Irresistible Address.
TWO, An Archetypal Architectural Statement.
THREE, A Placid Respite From City Life.

The Architecture

123 Portland is a mosaic of romantic influences, blending classical Parisian building traditions with Toronto’s urban vernacular to generate an overwhelming sense of airy levity in the midst of electric King West. A network of starkly framed, ornate Juliette balconies contrasts uncluttered contemporary linework across the warm exterior. Inside, simple forms cued by mid-century Italian design languages are rendered in rich finishes, giving the building a refined depth and mischievous edge.

The Latest Icon

Peering Eastward across the tapestry of icons that create Toronto’s unmistakable skyline, one could be forgiven for at first glance missing the latest addition. This, like every 123 Portland impression, is by design. Seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, this cornerstone appears to have always been here.

Place Finding

123 Portland has found its place along a beguiling stretch of Portland Street, where its stately entrance pours onto the sedate sidewalk. The building’s bustling Adelaide face is stepped-back to reveal an ample, covered footpath and veritable runway leading to the prominent, Southwestern retail corner.

Marble, Metal, Drama, Warmth

A towering row of two-storey, brass-lined archways sets the tone and vivid black and white tilework starts the dialogue. The entire space — its wheat-coloured wood panels, its length-spanning sculptural floating bench and its coffered ceilings and crown moulding — glows with indirect lighting. Marble, metal, drama, warmth. The Lobby of 123 Portland has a statement to make: welcome home.

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